by darjin01

In 1977 Jasenko Houra and his crew from Dubrava (in Zagreb) formed a rock & roll band which was named after an episode from a comic “Alan Ford”.

The original members were: Zoran Cvetković – Zok (solo guitar), Nino Hrastek (bass), Tihomir Fileš (drums), Davorin Bogović (vocal) and Jasenko Houra (rhythm guitar).

Except for Houra, all the other members were playing in a band called “Ciferšlus”(Zipper) but when Houra came they changed the name to “Prljavo Kazalište” (Dirty Theater) not knowing that ten years later they would become one of the greatest Croatian bands ever.

The first official single came out in 1978 under the label “Jugoton” and was named “Televizori”. It contained 3 songs – “Televizori”, “Majka” and “Moje djetinjstvo”. The second single “Moj otac je bio u ratu” came out in 1979., under the label “Suzy”.

The first official album was called “Prljavo Kazalište” and came out the same year (1979). It was a real master-piece of politicaly-social lyrics which shocked the socialistic regime that ruled in Jugoslavija at the time. Today this album is considered the breakthrough of punk authors. In the meantime, the guitar player Zoran Cvetkovic left the band and Marijan Brkic replaced him.

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