by darjin01

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It’s Just Me! In love with photography. Addicted to my camera. With passion for stage, opera, ballet photography. Basically everything that has a slightest connection to music. I could say I am living my dreams. 

Photography is actually just one of my many passions. I also work as a radio host at the most listened radio station in Slovenia – Radio 1. I am image voice for the same radio,  for Pro Plus tv stations and for some commercials, cartoons etc…

Ages ago I was singing with some bands, now I only sing in the shower. But winning Slovenian national pop festival was one of most beautiful experiences in my life. And this (CLICK) too.  Now I am a small part of an orchestra by playing double bass. It’s actually fun to be at the back and always low 😉 HERE: Click

And I love to write. I used to write only for myself and for my BLOG but year 2018 brought me another challenge. Now I am writing  also for more than 20.000 readers of GRAZIA magazine. So I feel like a weird version of Carrie Bradshaw with less clothes, less shoes and no feeling of fashion. Ok… Not really Carrie Bradshaw.











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