by darjin01

The evening with Orpheus consists of the three parts that could function as entirely independent wholes. This was the main starting point for the conception of the ballet evening – creation of the formula of the Orphic Hymn, whose main elements are: Air – Gravity – Abyss.

Orpheus and Eurydice are born in the Universe of the Divine – in the World of Gods, Goddesses and Muses -, where eternal love, innocence and the infinity of pure are tuned with the beauty of poetry and music. Here the young couple’s first etheric loving touch turns from passion into reality …

Nymph Eurydice, deeply connected to her tree, creates her love life with Orpheus in a secure forest of Nymphs.
Temptation is always around, as well as the threat of destiny.
When the tree dies, the Nymph dies with it as well.

How many deaths do we have to experience, before we really die?
When is the memory of us forgotten?
When no one looks back at you.

My lyre must always play,
as without music
we are nothing.

We knead the shapes
out of nothing,
out of silence,
out of hate –
music that lasts forever.
The Storyteller

I give you the ingredients of my poetry to create your own Orphyc Hymn.

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