by darjin01

EVERGREEN – Is There One Who Would Not Wheep


  • Concept and Directior Karmina Šilec
  • Set Designer Marko Japelj
  • Costume Designer Belinda Radulović
  • Lighting Designer Andrej Hajdinjak
  • Movement Consultant Gregor Luštek
  • Sound Designer Danilo Ženko
  • Dramaturge Tatjana Ažman

The myth of Orpheus, who hailed the gods with the power of music, has remained one of the greatest myths throughout many centuries of history. The musicians on the RMS Titanic, who played the music until the very end, thus (possibly) helping more than 2000 souls on the sinking steamer, became a global myth of our time. Evergreen was inspired by a grand moment, when the transcendent nature of the music rebuffed the crush of the indifferent fate.

Confronted with the inevitable death, the musicians played under the most demanding circumstances – at the very moment when the noisily demolishing gigantic mechanical structure was swallowed by the raging, uncompromising ocean. Their music thus became a manner of taking control amidst the chaos and unknown by preserving hope and embracing the inevitable – death. That was an extreme trial, a way to deceive death, even if only for a few moments. For these musicians the music was the last rites, shortly fulfilled by death. It was the culmination of the ceremony.

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