Romeo And Juliet

by darjin01

Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev


  • Directed and Choreographed by Youri Vámos
  • Set and Costume Design Michael Scott
  • Lighting Design Klaus Gärditz, Jasmin Šehić (Set Up)


The famous love story based on Shakespeare’s literary material about the tragic lovers from Verona was transferred to the ballet stage eighty years ago by one the greatest composers of the 20th century Sergey Prokofiev. With the ballet Romeo and Juliet he composed one of the most exciting and touching scores in his multi-layered creation, which has presented ever since a tremendous challenge for the choreographers. Youri Vàmos found a set for his vision of the famous ballet in a small Italian town as it would be back in the nineteen thirties, i.e. the time, when this exquisite ballet piece was actually conceived. By means of amalgamating classical dance with its contemporary trends, the choreographer conceived an original performance, characterised by deep emotions and prestigious intertwinement of dance, emphasised by pure visualisation, dynamic editing of sequences and effective direction. According to its musical perfection, importance for the history of dance and, last but not least, enormous popularity with the audience the ballet Romeo and Juliet is considered as quite equivalent to Swan Lake and other masterpieces from the classical ballet repertoire.

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